Judy C. ColemanClients’ ChoiceAward 2019 7.4Judy C. Coleman

Judy Coleman was a God-send when I needed her. When my mother died it was the worst day of my life. When I found out my mother’s estate had to go through probate, it was almost as bad. Then a friend told me to contact Judy. Judy walked me through the court procedure in probate court and was an absolute gem. What a find. She is compassionate and caring, reliable and knowledgeable. Having an experienced probate litigator take the bull by the horns when you are grieving the loss of a loved is such a comfort. Just knowing someone was watching my back eased some of my pain. Thank you Judy for working quickly to resolve my matters and being available whenever I needed to talk. You did a great job!
— Cynthia Robinson, Janouske, Wayne County, Michigan

Judy Coleman provided sure-handed, swiftly effective assistance in my case. She was highly understanding of both the legal matters and the sensitive personal nature of the case, and amiably answered my many questions. Highly recommended.
— Evan N., Wayne County

Judy was fast - very fast, reasonably priced and responsive. Would do business again.
— Monica W., Detroit, Michigan

Judy assisted my clients with executing a mail away loan package. Very helpful and easy to get in touch with. Thank you!
— Lisa S., Florida Attorney and Real Estate Broker

I cannot put into words how satisfied I am with The Coleman Justice Center. Judy and her staff were very professional and courteous and handled my matter in an expedited fashion, I would highly recommend them and would use again in the future!
— Mark Beyer, Novi, Michigan

Professional, timely, accurate, and able to rapidly respond to a changing situation. I’m a nurse so I’m picky. That being said, The Coleman Justice Center far exceeded my expectations. Wonderful experience!
— C. Howard, Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan

Professional and honest. I believe you can trust The Coleman Law Center.
— Eva L., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ms. Coleman and her a associated staff were very professional at the same time as being very understanding and sensitive to the situation I found myself entangled in. (DUI) Would recommend her in a much as I liked her and her staff, I hope to never see them again.
— Dawn L., Monroe County, Michigan

My name is Bruce P, I found The Coleman Justice Center to be a very professional law firm. They were client-centered and appeared to be genuinely concerned about my specific needs. The Coleman Justice Center is affordable and took the time explain the entire process. Anyone who chooses this firm won’t be disappointed.
— Bruce P., Washtenaw County, Michigan

Judy was an exceptional attorney who went above and beyond to help me; I would highly recommend her. She was very patient and explained everything I needed to know in great detail and answered any questions I had. She was very understanding as to my financial situation and agreed on a fair price. She always made herself available to me and responded to texts and phone calls immediately. Judy patiently listened to me and managed to calm me down when I was emotionally stressed out about the case or even my personal life. When a situation arose where normally she should ask for more money, she helped me for free out of the kindness of her heart because she knew I couldn’t pay extra, and she couldn’t deal with the sheer injustice against me. She got me out of a criminal misdemeanor (which went to court) with a simple fine and nothing showing up on my record. Because this whole legal matter greatly affected my academic performance, I needed to write a letter to the registrar’s office explaining my situation and I needed to show documentation that I had a stressful situation going on so she took the time to write a letter to the registrar’s office about how my legal matter affected me and why they should give me a break. She also edited my letter to the office and basically rewrote it with her English background. She just went so above and beyond in helping me throughout this process; she legally did not have to do most of the things she did for me. If it weren’t for her I really don’t want to imagine where I’d be both financially and legally. I will never forget her kindness and will always be grateful that she came into my life when she did. She has set the bar for what I expect out of an attorney extremely high.
— Nicole Crespo, Troy, Michigan