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We zealously represent our clients in all types of criminal matters with an extremely high success rate.  There are some criminal records that can never be expunged in Michigan and so it's important to get the right attorney the first time. Not getting proper representation can cost you more money in the long run. It is not worth risking jail time with court-appointed counselor of attorneys with lesser experience not to mention the stress, time and a entry on your permanent record for life. The Coleman Justice Center has many, many years and 100's of criminal cases behind them with many very happy clients.



 Judy Coleman had 25 years of concentrated experience in litigation particularly involving the following:

• BANKRUPTCIES (Chapter 7 & 14)

Negotiation means getting the best of your opponent.
— Marvin Gaye

Judy Coleman’s 25 years of legal proven expertise inside and outside the UAW Legal Services Plan has involved litigation cases in the areas of probate, trusts, wills, real estate, tax matters, bankruptcies (7 & 14), foreclosures and consumer fraud. Her talent was evident to her employers within weeks of her initial hiring for the legal services when she got back to back directed verdicts for her clients and she was made a top litigator within 6 months. She not only won the attention of her superiors but her colleagues began to seek her counsel on their own files. Winning litigation strategies soon gained the attention of many veteran attorneys in both the defense and prosecuting arenas also. She applied her skills in such a way that she was able to forge strong relationships in both the federal and state court systems. She became well-known throughout Southeast Michigan, Washtenaw, Jackson and Lenawee Counties among trial practice experts, The United Auto Workers and UAW Legal Services Plan Directors and Union Officials. People often requested to work only with Judy. This unique combination of training and decades of experience gives Judy Coleman an edge on the opposition as well as her competition.

Judy was soon not only promoted to supervision of less experience attorneys but asked to running trainings on effective litigation. Decades of experience as a pre-trial practice training coordinator, a litigation training coordinator, and a legal case manager, Judy had a large umbrella of responsibility, holding multiple important positions at the UAW in several of their satellite locations. With the constant influx of new court cases Judy quickly learned to wear many hats and climbed the hierarchy at the UAW from staff attorney, to Supervising Attorney and finally Managing Attorney spotlighting her successful litigation of  100’s of complex matters. The emphasis on litigation throughout her legal career makes Judy a well-researched and thorough litigator. She created tactical strategies to gain a winning edge. 

When looking for a litigator to be on your side, an attorney with vast courtroom experience is one of the most important traits to look for when searching for legal representation. Many attorneys hand-off (or need assistance) cases to a ‘trial attorney’ if a case goes beyond simple court appears and is headed for trial. Judy IS that trial attorney. She PREFERS the action of the courtroom and it shows in her zealous representation of her clients and the number of cases in which she prevailed for her clients.

For years, Judy managed multiple complex litigation cases (she was the Senior Trial Attorney for The UAW Legal Services Plan for most of her career).  Judy has been asked to consult with other law firms on cases involving complicated probate issues and challenging construction litigation. When the Estate and Protected Individuals Code was adopted by the State of Michigan in April, 1998 Judy was asked to revamp the UAW’s entire probate system to be sure it complied with the law.  Her familiarity with the litigation process and vast in-court experience is the reason that Judy has successfully litigated 100’s of cases for her clients.  Judy is not afraid to go toe to toe with a Judge and has done so on many occasions. In the courtroom, Judy is a forced to be reckoned with.  Her success has had a significant impact on Michigan law and she has helped many, many client’s achieve their goals in court.  Judy won a significant decision in the Michigan Court of Appeals in the area of construction litigation and was able to overturn a trial court decision which harmed her client. The case was ultimately settled in her client’s favor and the Michigan Court of Appeals decision still stands today.